RB Rastal Teku – Triangular Dreams

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This Teku glass is produced by Rastal. This unique glass is the perfect all-around vessel for drinking. Perfectly shaped and balanced to enhance the aroma of your favourite beer – pure beer pleasure for all the senses.

  • Capacity – 425ml
  • Height – 195mm
  • Triple Colour -Triangular dreams  wrap and RB logo

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Care for your RB Glassware!
-Hand wash glassware – it takes less than a minute. Dishwashers can leave an invisible film and can damage branded glassware by stripping logos.
-Have a dedicated brush or sponge just for your beer glasses. Don’t use one that is used for other dishes / pots etc.
-Don’t use dishwashing soap – these contain oils and create suds which can cling to the glass, killing head retention.
-Drip dry your glassware upside down on a tray, allowing ventilation.
-Rinse your glass with cold water before pouring a beer – this removes any possible dust and cools the glass down a few degrees.

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